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•    Two teams of ex Royal Marines starting in Grimsby, 9th June 2016 and Liverpool 10th June2016,  embarked on a unique and extreme physical challenge across the UK and France.
•    650 mile endurance march over 23 days
•    30 miles per day average.
•    30lb packs carried by each team member. This was the average weight carried by a Somme combatant. 
•    Passing through many “Pal” battalion towns, which lost a significant number of lives on the opening day of the Somme.
•    Finished the challenge at 07.30 on 1st July 2016 at the Somme, marking the moment the battle started 100 years earlier.
•    It was our aspiration before and during the event to collect 19,240 Remeberance crosses, one for each man killed on 1st July 1916.
•    We asked the public to sponsor a cross with a donation and give a WW1 veterans name. All donations was given to the Royal British legion that helps UK war veterans today.
•    The crosses and wreaths were laid at the Somme and formed a poignant visual display.

The Somme Yomp Challenge was a Rembrance event that gave everyone the opportunity to be involved in the Somme centenary year, and deliberately set out to encourage people to Support us, join us and remember the sacrifices of WW1 in a very simple and respectful manner.
People helped by:
•    Giving a donation: 
•    Giving a WW1 veterans name which was recorded on a remembrance cross that was planted at the Somme.
             Where did people find WW1 names?:
1.    Investigated family members who were WW1 veterans
2.    Visited local war memorials and chose a WW1 name to give.

3.    Searched for famous and well known people who fought in WW1.

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